This article will list the major work that is planned or underway  at Oxid House.

External Building Cladding
The cladding on the building complies with the latest fire regulations following the Grenfell disaster.

However, the backing on some of the cladding requires inspection to ensure there is not a risk of water penetrating into the wall of the building. This work is to be undertaken by the developer as part of the building warranty.

Work will start in July and will take between 10- 12 weeks to complete.

Although disruption to residents should be minimal, it will be short term on each cladding panel and we would request your support during this period.

Roof Access

Access to the roof has not been possible. Originally the restriction was awaiting work on the provision of decking to allow furniture to be fixed to. 

The roof has decorative pebbles on it that provide weight as part of the structural design. The combination of the decking and pebbled surface would provide a pleasant environment for residents.


In 2018 a resident did access the roof and threw a pebble (size of a person's fist) onto the neighbouring building smashing a skylight. Fortunately, no one was injured. 

As a result of this action the risks to residents accessing the roof and members of the public in Newton Street & Great Ancoats was reassessed and the decision was made not to open the roof to residents until the risks could be addressed.
The current plan is to extend the decking  to all areas of the roof & to construct a fence along the decking to prevent access to the solar panels & parapet and install cctv.

Suppliers have been requested to quote for this work. We will provide an update when a date for the upgrade is available.