There may be times where the Police need to force entry into an apartment within a development. Reasons for this can be numerous, but generally relate to criminal activity being undertaken from within the apartment or linked with the apartment. If the apartment is tenanted, the Police will likely require te contact details of the leaseholder. Below are the actions that we will take in such events:

  • We will provide the Police with leaseholder contact details if the apartment is tenanted, provided an official request is received.
  • We will change the lock on the apartment door and retain a copy until the issue is resolved if the apartment is left empty. This will be charged to the service charge. The management company reserve the right to recover that charge directly from the leaseholder.
  • We will turn of the water supply to the apartment to keep it safe and prevent potential flooding if the apartment is left empty.
  • We will turn off the electric supply to the apartment to keep it safe if the apartment is left empty.

We will also obtain a crime reference number and complete an incident report that we will file and keep on record for the development, should it be needed at any point. As a resident, if you are witness to such a proceeding, we would require a witness statement. All personal details would be kept private and not disclosed to anyone outside of the Police department.