Your complaints give us the chance to put things right and improve our service to you and other customers in the future.

Our aim is to provide a service as formally agreed with you and in line within the guidelines set out by ARMA.

In our experience there is often a disparity between perceptions and expectations of some leaseholders in a development of the service expected and that which is actually provided. This disparity may not be a failing of Rebloom in the provision of the service agreed for the development.  Therefore, before raising a complaint, please ring us first on 01625 569774, to understand if the service or service level you are expecting is as we have agreed for your development.  If it isn’t we will take your request forward on your behalf for agreement so that it can be incorporated as an enhancement for the future.

However, if you feel that we have fallen short of our agreed standard and you wish to complain, you can submit a ticket to our customer support.

Postal address:

O'Connor Bowden Rebloom

Courthill House

60 Water Lane


Cheshire SK9 6LX

In writing to us, we would ask that you include the following information:

  • An outline of your complaint explaining why you feel that we have fallen short.
  • What you would like us to do to resolve it.
  • Any specific details that you feel would assist us with resolving your complaint. Including, but not limited to:
    • Names of Advisors you have spoken to in connection with the complaint
    • The Branch Name in connection with the complaint
    • Time(s) and Date(s) of the incidence(s)
    • Telephone number(s) and or Address(es) you have used to contact us
    • Any written correspondence in connection with your complaint
    • Any other document in support of your complaint
  • On receipt of a complaint, we will investigate the issue(s) you have raised on your complaint fully and respond to you accordingly.

The timescales for dealing with a complaint are as follows:

  • You will receive an ‘acknowledgement of receipt’ of your complaint from us within 3 working days of receipt of your complaint being received.
  • Within 10 working days of the acknowledgement, you will receive a full response.
  • If we are unable to resolve the matter within the 10 working days as stated above, we will provide you with reasons why we could not meet this time frame and provide you with an estimate of when a full response will be received
  • After our final written response, we may deem the complaint closed. If we deem the matter closed then we reserve the right not to enter into any further correspondence.

We are members of the Property Redress Scheme. If you remain unhappy with the response received from us and have exhausted our complaints procedure, you can contact the Property Redress Scheme to ask them to investigate your complaint.

In order to take your complaint to The Property Redress Scheme you must first have carried out the following:

  • You have waited 8 weeks from the date of your written complaint to us for a response; and
  • It is still within 6 months from the our last communication with you regarding this complaint

The Property Redress Scheme is a government approved Redress Scheme that resolves complaints between Members and their consumers. The complainant must have exhausted the Member’s internal complaints procedure and remain dissatisfied with the Member’s response. The Property Redress Scheme is free to use for the complainant and further information and guidance on how to resolve complaints is available via their website.

In order to make a complaint, please contact the Property Redress Scheme directly or alternatively, visit their website and fill out a Complaints Form. The Property Redress Scheme contact details are as follows:


By Email:

By post at:

The Property Redress Scheme

Ground Floor, Kingmaker House

Station Road,

New Barnet

Hertfordshire EN5 1NZ