We believe that everyone has the right to live in a safe and healthy environment. Unfortunately not all residents are aware of the behaviours and actions that constitute health and safety issues for other residents. Please make yourself fully aware of the areas within this statement and abide by them at all times.

This policy reflects the obligations the management of the development have under law and advised by the Health and Safety Executive. The implications of not adhering to the areas outlined within this policy could result in a fine, prosecution or eviction.

Please report breaches in this policy directly by raising a ticket.

We believe that providing a safe and healthy environment is a key part of delivering sustainable communities and improving the quality of life of our residents. The responsibility for maintaining a safe and healthy environment sits equally with the residents, management, visitors and contract staff / companies operating within the development. The following are examples of behaviour and actions that are not acceptable:

Safety Related Matters

Acts of Vandalism

Any deliberate damage caused to any area of the development is an act of vandalism and must be reported. Perpetrators cannot be excused for their actions on the basis of ignorance. Damage to internal areas could present a health risk and externally damage to doors and gates can open the development up to the wider public and the safety issues that can ensue. Examples of deliberate damage include:

  • Forcing open vehicle and pedestrian gates.

  • Forcing open doors.

  • Damage to doors, cars, postboxes, bin store area.

  • Damage to carpets from removal of furniture, building debris.

  • Damage to services / features that retain the security of the building, including cctv, door locks.

  • Removing or tampering with smoke, heat and fire detectors.

  • Setting off a fire alarm by activating a call point when no fire has been identified.

A common implication of vandalism is that your development will not be as safe as it previously was and will remain this way until funds allow for the damage to be repaired. To ensure your safety, please do not commit acts of vandalism and report all instances.

Forced Entry into the Development

Acts of Fraud

Unfortunately, there are people who will commit an act of fraud to gain access to a development. Examples are:

  • Obtaining non authorised copies of keys, fobs, codes.

    • Note: Any person obtaining a non authorised key, fob or code to access the development will be prosecuted.

  • Sub-letting apartments / rooms within apartments without authorisation. The implication is that the people subletting have no stake in the development and little knowledge of their obligations whilst in the development. This can lead to the wrong type of behaviour and Health & Safety issues.

Inconsiderate Behaviour

For example:

  • Leaving external doors open.

  • Passing on entry codes to non residents.

  • Smoking - All communal areas and apartments are smoke free zones. You must leave the development to smoke. If your development includes gardens you are not able to smoke within them.

  • Not adhering to the signs / guidance displayed within the development. This may be a simple as no ball games outside of the building.

  • Leaving rubbish in areas other than the bins.

  • Leaving unwanted furniture / white goods within the development.

  • Driving too fast.

  • Parking in areas other than your designated parking bay.

Accessing Unsafe Areas

  • Areas within a development signed as ‘hazard’, ‘unsafe’, ‘private’, ‘staff only’ should never be accessed. Nor should the roof, loft area or external walls (at height) be accessed.

  • Areas marked with an asbestos sign must not be disturbed as the resulting dust can result in a serious health risk. If in doubt, avoid all areas with asbestos signs.

  • Electrical intake areas / rooms or cupboards housing electric and water meters. These areas should be locked at all times and access is restricted. If you feel that it is essential that you access one of these areas that also displays a ‘Hazard, No Entry’ sign contact us for advice.

Health Related Matters

Damage to carpets, walls, banisters, doors are to be reported. For example, a damaged carpet could present a trip hazard and would require repair in order to made it safe.


When asbestos is present within a building, asbestos warning stickers will be present in the areas it exists. Do not disturb the area asbestos is present in.

Bikes, Laundry and Other Items on Corridors, Landings and Stairwells

All corridors, landings and stairwells must be kept clear of obstructions at all times. This is important as these areas are exit routes in the event of a fire. Any obstructions could be removed at any time and without permission to ensure the route to exits are clear of obstruction.


Pets are not allowed within the development, except by written approval from the freeholder or his / her agent.

Leaving Your Apartment Unoccupied

Follow this best practice when leaving your apartment unoccupied for one or more nights:

  • Turn the water off at the stop cock. This will minimise the risk of leaks causing major damage during your absence.

  • Close and lock all windows.

  • If you are renting your property, notify your landlord that you will be away and the duration.