Your property is fitted with one mains-powered smoke detector and one heat detector. For your safety:

  • Make sure the smoke detectors in your home are working (test them on a weekly basis).
  • Use the fixed heating system in your home. If it is not possible, only use a convector heater. Do not use ANY form of radiant heater, especially one with either a flame (eg. portable gas or paraffin) or a radiant element (electric fire bar).
  • Use your rooms only for their intended purpose; do not use them as a workshop or storeroom.

Your property has been fitted with a Cooker Stove Guard. This guard has been placed in your property for your safety and should NOT be removed. If you remove this item, your cooker will no longer work. The silver sensor is magnetic; this should be placed on the extractor fan. The key features are:

  • Switches electric cookers off before a fire can start.
  • It has self-learning intelligent temperature alarm.
  • Adjusts sensitivity based on your cooking habits.
  • Identifies dangerously high temperatures when you are cooking or leave a ring on by accident.
  • Removing sensor will prevent the use of your cooker.
  • Prevents accidental switch on of your cooker.

All furniture that meets the 1988 Furniture Regulations will have a permanent label attached to it showing that it has passed all the required tests. The labels will look something like this:


The label could be attached to any external surface of your piece of furniture. On armchairs and sofas with removable cushions manufacturers often put the label under the cushions. The label will be firmly attached so that it cannot be removed without either damaging the furniture or the label. Each piece of furniture will have a label attached to it so if you have a three-piece suite each chair or sofa will have its own label.