Your services are currently provided by the companies detailed below. Any queries with regard to supply, tariffs and alternative options should be addressed to them. Please make sure you keep records of the meter readings taken on the day you moved in to
the property; your bills will be calculated from these readings and you must give them to the service providers.

Electricity - British Gas Customer Service: 0333 202 9802.

Your electricity meter is located within the meter cupboard between the kitchen and lounge.

Water - United Utilities Customer Service: 0345 672 2888

Your home is provided with its own mains supply, fed directly from the water meter located within the cylinder cupboard. The water stopcock, is the shut off point for the water in your home. Should there be an emergency (i.e. leak) please use the stopcock to turn off the water. Please familiarise yourself and test whether you are able to turn off the water or not.