Recycling & Waste


Your home is provided with recycle bins. Your local authority makes collections for waste on a weekly basis, alternating between the brown bins and the general & blue bins. 

Brown Bin

Things that can go in your brown bin include: glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles (but not the lids), tins, cans, tin foil and foil containers, aerosols.
Things that can't go in include: plastic bags, cling film, plant pots, yoghurt pots, plastic toys, bottle tops, plastic food trays.

Blue Bin

Things that can go in your blue bin include: paper, cardboard, drink cartons, envelopes, leaflets, magazines, paperback books.
Things that can't go in include: 
plastic bags, cling film, polystyrene.

Green Bin

Things that can go in your green bin include: all food (cooked or raw, meat, fish, vegetables), bones, twigs and branches, tea bags, flowers, grass and hedge cuttings, leaves and weeds (except Japanese knotweed). Put food waste in a compostable bag first. Manchester City Council supply food waste bags free.
Things that can't go in include: plastic bags, plant pots, garden furniture, soil, rubble, invasive plants like Japanese Knotweed or Himalayan Balsam.

Full details of what can go in each bin can be found on the council website.

Large or bulky waste

Large items such as beds, sofas, cookers and fridges can be stored in the bin store area upon agreement with the concierge, as they will arrange collection. However, before you have your bulky items taken away, there are several other things you can do to help the area reduce, reuse and recycle more waste. Why not donate your unwanted bulky items? If your items still work or are in decent condition, why not give them to someone who could use them? Swap them on or donate your unwanted items to a charity. There are many Charities in your area that will collect some items that are in reasonable condition, for free.

Take your items to your nearest Household Waste and Recycling Centres, where there are different areas for dropping off your waste. 

Last Resort
If your items are not in good enough condition to donate to a charity or can’t be recycled, the concierge can arrange for Manchester City Council to collect items free of charge or for a small fee from residents. This will include bulky items. Some items cannot be taken away by the Council. This is because items are classed as ‘dangerous’ or ‘hazardous waste’ and they contain certain chemicals. These should not be store in the bin store area. Hazardous waste includes asbestos, or flammable substances such as gardening chemicals or paint stripper. If you have any items like that you want to get rid of, please take them to your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre. 

What you can recycle

Cans, Glass, Plastic Bottles, Cartons, Paper and Cardboard. Each year Britain produces around 290 million tonnes of household waste which goes to landfill. When rubbish is put in a landfill site it becomes compacted and the materials breakdown anaerobically (without oxygen) resulting in the formation of toxic sludge which can enter water courses. This process also produces methane gas, a significant greenhouse gas. Landfill sites across the UK are filling up rapidly and no-one wants to live next to a landfill site therefore, we need to start taking action.
When it comes to waste from homes it is advised to use WRAP hierarchy:

  • Reduce
  • Recuse
  • Recycle

There are numerous Furniture Refuse Charities across the North West that will accept second hand furniture in good condition. Some will even collect it for free! Please check out the furniture reuse network ( for local charities in your area.

Batteries contain a toxic mix of chemicals and must always be taken to waste depots for appropriate disposal. Please check to find out where you can recycle batteries.